How To Meet In The Metaverse

October 4, 2022
How To Meet In The Metaverse

With highly engaging virtual workstations, the Metaverse allows for the creation of realistic meeting settings. It’s much better as you can listen to space audio and see body language, allowing you to talk over one another rather than taking turns.

You might be able to lean in to focus on something differently based on stance, which is another crucial component of communication, and then use your hand gestures to communicate, which is a significant part of how we interact with one another.

In this blog, we will get to know “How to meet in the Metaverse”. So, let’s meet up.


How to Meet in The Metaverse:

There are certain options that you can utilize to meet in the Metaverse:


Create Your Personalized Virtual World

The first choice is to genuinely build your office within your virtual environment. The platform must then be hosted on a server so that your colleagues can use it from a distance. 

Building the office itself may be done quickly and for no cost using new tools and technologies like Unreal Engine 5, but maintaining your construct on a dedicated server might be pricey. Additionally, you have to deal with a large number of technological challenges that are difficult to solve on a tight budget.

However, some businesses have already done this with success. ZOAN is one such case. This business collaborated with top VR headset producer Varjo to develop a distinctively authentic VR experience for each of its employees.  It benefits if your business specializes in developing VR environments. For the typical entrepreneur or new enterprise, this is typically not an option.


Get Pre-built Offices in the Metaverse

Other choices include entering pre-existing metaverses and establishing a business there. One alternative when taking this route is to select software programs made expressly for business meetings and VR collaboration, such as Microsoft Teams/Mesh integration and Meta’s (previously Facebook’s) Horizon Workrooms.

Any of the many other businesses that are successfully fighting with these tech behemoths would be a fantastic choice. These are primarily paid services, even though they are integrated with current workflows and optimized for office use.


Build Your New Property/ Office in The Metaverse

The alternative is to utilize more decentralized immersive experiences like Decentraland, Roblox, and Sandbox, which are already operational and accessible from any location in the world. This is a compromise between the first two possibilities. Aside from a possible upfront outlay in virtual land, which may not be a little price, it is free and entirely configurable.


Time To Meet and Greet

You’re ready to go. All that’s left to do is arrange your next meeting and provide your colleagues with directions to your plot of land. Everything else is up to you.



Watch for the metaverse to become a more widely used and approachable tool for connecting with your workforce, but remember to consider your company’s and your employees’ interests before entering the virtual world.


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