Rapidly Growing SaaS Companies | 6 SaaS Companies

October 24, 2022
Rapidly Growing SaaS Companies | 6 SaaS Companies

It wouldn’t be wrong if we said that the SaaS industry was bound to be where it is today. Its success has been skyrocketing since the 1960s, showing how vital it is for the new world where everything is technology based. Behind this Software as a Service (SaaS) model, you will find hardworking companies, innovative strategies, and creative problem-solving methodology. SaaS is behind the success of modern businesses, allowing them to work efficiently as per their unique needs and requirements.


6 Growing SaaS Companies

Below are the top 6 growing SaaS companies that no one should miss out on!



One of the rapidly growing SaaS companies includes Copy.ai, a cloud-based startup. The AI-based software is designed to help copywriters, digital agencies, and e-commerce names to save time by quickly generating business content. Copy.ai helps in creating slogans, texts, and sentences. The effortless interface and ease of usage of Copy.ai have made it one of the top AI-based tools to keep an eye on. Started in 2020, it is used by about 380,000 users already and is one of the top SaaS ideas of today.



Founded in 2014, HotJar is the new in-trend analytics tool as it provides business web analytics at a deeper level. Unlike Google, HotJar provides in-depth analytics of a business and not just a simple outlook. UX teams and marketers use it to benefit from features like recording, heat maps, surveys, real-time feedback, and many others, with HotJar Insights being the core SaaS product on show. The SaaS company has a 30% 5-year search growth rate.



If you are running an ecommerce operation, Printify may be the solution to many of your design and print needs. Started in 2015, Printify is a valuable printing tool for businesses, artists, and entrepreneurs with a 1900% 5-year search growth rate.

Printify monthly-based printing plans include Premium and Enterprise, but they also have a free plan that allows customers to run a small-scale eCommerce system and pay for production only. The printing platform helps in all sorts of printing, from t-shirts to tablecloths, making it a perfect match for such enterprises and businesses.



Launched in 2020, OrdersCo is one of the successful productions of the pandemic. A tool specially designed for restaurants to automate online food delivery service. The tool incorporates popular delivery services into one system, enabling a restaurant owner to manage all the menus and incoming orders using a single device.



With the growing rate of internet businesses, cyber security has become a top priority, and that is exactly where Seedata.io comes in. Founded in 2021, the software is designed to help businesses reduce the risk of data leakage. This AI-based tool is a cloud-native cyber-security tool that prevents companies from getting their data leaked. It analyzes clients’ web solutions and identifies invisible threats using its advanced Artificial Intelligence. In other words, it stops cyber-attacks before they can occur.



Sales engagement tools are the need of time, and Groove is all about that! Starting in 2014, the sales engagement platform is specially designed for sales teams. From calling logging to revenue intelligence and automated campaigns, Groove does it all. Many leading names like Google, Capital One, and Uber are Groove users. The SaaS company has a 9% 5-year search growth rate.


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