How Can I Get Cash Back With Apple Pay: An Easy Guide

October 31, 2022
How Can I Get Cash Back With Apple Pay: An Easy Guide

In the fast-moving world, almost all of us use credit or debit cards to make purchases and transactions. No doubt that it has made our lives easy, but do you know what is more fun and feasible than this? Making payments using Apple Pay.
If you are an Apple user and have the Apple Pay service then making purchases feels much better.
This is because customers can enjoy cardless, contactless, and secure transactions within seconds.
Moreover, Apple Pay service gives its customers the maximum benefit while making purchases in the form of cash-back rewards. If you are new to Apple and are wondering “how can I get cash back with Apple Pay”, then wonder no more! 

This article is a brief yet comprehensive guide about Apple Pay and its cash-back services. So stay connected till the end.


What is Apple Pay?

Apple pay is a service that lets its users make cashless and cardless payments. The users can avail of this service by only adding their credit or debit card details to their Apple devices such as iPads or iPhones to make transactions. This is a completely secure process.

When the user purchases in any store, Apple Pay sends a signal to the store’s device that retains the user’s card details. The cashier on the other end verifies the transactions and completes the process. Simple as that.

Now you must be wondering what stores accept Apple Pay service. Fortunately, Apple Pay is accepted by thousands of stores globally. It is much similar to the NFC-enabled Android service. The only difference between both is that Apple Pay does not require an NFC-enabled credit card.

How to Add a Card to Apple Pay?

To use Apple Pay you have to set up an Apple wallet on your Apple devices. It takes a few minutes to set up the wallet. All you have to do is:

  • Go to settings
  • Wallets and Apple Pay
  • Select Add Card
  • Set up the Touch ID

These steps will help in setting up the card details and help the users to get cashback rewards.

Get Cash Back With Apple Pay

Can I Get Cash Back With Apple Pay

Yes, Apple Pay maximizes the benefits for its users without charging extra money. The users can gain benefits from cash back rewards that are highly appealing. To gain the cash back rewards there must be specific criteria to be followed.

For instance, the store where you are using Apple Pay must also have access to Apple Pay payment mode. The user must have a valid card that offers cash back service entered in the wallet.

The cash-back rewards depend upon the type of purchase, store, and card used. For example, if you buy something using your Apple card and pay through Apple pay, you will get two to three percent of cashback.

Get Cash Back With Apple Pay

Key TakeAway

Apple Pay has become a convenient and useful payment method for many people. It offers ease, and security, and provides a cash-back service to its users that make purchases effortless and fun.


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