Best Practices for Email Marketing that Actually Convert

September 7, 2022
Best Practices for Email Marketing that Actually Convert

Do you want to drive your business marketing to another level? Email marketing is gaining popularity among many marketers in business today. Even though email marketing might not get the same amount of publicity as some of the more recent marketing channels, it is still an excellent tool to produce leads and convert more prospects into customers for your company.

15 Best Practices for Email Marketing

Avoid buying contact lists

According to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines, we cannot avoid emphasizing the issue of buying a contact list.

Email campaigns thrive on a good open rate. If you’re sending emails to recipients whose information you purchased rather than earned from prior interactions, you’ll notice a rapid decline in the effectiveness of your emails.

To comply with the GDPR, you must first obtain the approval of each email recipient before communicating with them. Purchasing email lists typically do not include this consent. Therefore, find a way that will highly aid you in owning data for your target audience.

Do not use “No-Reply”

Do you know about the CAN-SPAM act? This legislation has been around for a long time and continues to be a well-known and vital guideline for all email marketers in the United States.

CAN-SPAM rule emphasizes that businesses should avoid using “no-reply” as the email sender name. If you use this phrase in your email, you will limit the recipient from replying to the email. Also, it denies the receiver the chance to opt out of further emails.

You should use your first name when building the sender email for automated emails. If your clients know that a real person wrote the emails they receive from you; they are significantly more likely to open such emails. This practice also ensures that you comply with the standards that govern email communications.

Don’t use more than three typefaces

Your email will generate a more significant number of conversions if you eliminate unnecessary clutter.

You shouldn’t clutter up your email with more than two different fonts or typefaces because doing so can interrupt your readers and impair the aesthetic impact of your email.

In addition, you should utilize web-safe typefaces ranging from ten to twelve points in size. This ensures that your email will be readable by all clients and platforms it is viewed on.

Use well-optimized preview text

Your topic line should be supplemented by your preview text, which should include more details to pique the interest of your audience and persuade them to open the message.

The first few phrases of the email body are extracted and displayed as preview text adjacent to the subject field before the recipient opens the message.

Use email signature

Do you know that marketing emails convert more if you use a signature? Ensure your emails contain a particular person’s signature, even if the newsletters are being shared with your contacts on behalf of the company.

According to the findings of the 2019 State of Business Email Marketing study, 41% of marketers reported making use of email signatures to increase their brand visibility and awareness. The second most common justification for its utilization was to keep consistent, standardized sign-offs throughout their firms.

Email signature creates a bit of personality. People are more likely to open an email if they realize it was sent by an individual rather than a marketing team. The more you a signature in your email, the more potential clients will gain trust in your brand.

Regular email cleaning

Even if a few of your email contacts do not actively opt out of your email campaign, likely, they will never open any of the messages you send them.

It is enticing to send an email to as many individuals as possible to increase the number of potentials you can reach. Still, keeping the users on your mailing list who are least interested can affect your open rate. Individuals who never open emails make your marketing look terrible since the quality of your campaign is not reflecting on the number if people showing interest in your company.

You should routinely go through your list of subscribers to identify those who have not interacted with your emails for a predetermined time and then delete them from the list. This provides you with a more accurate estimate of the percentage of people who have opened your emails and helps keep your email marketing campaign free of individuals who have ceased to be interested in hearing from you.

Create personalized greetings

When was the last time you read an email with “Dear Member”? You should categorize your email audiences according to their client type (membership, subscription, user, etc.). Still, this information shouldn’t be the first thing receivers see in your company’s communications.

The practice of customizing the greeting of your emails by using the recipients’ first names helps immediately attract each recipient’s attention.

Don’t worry; just because you customized the greeting line of an email to include the names of 50 recipients does not mean that you will need to manually compose and send 50 unique emails from this point forward.

Numerous email marketing platforms allow you to design the greeting of your email campaign so that it routinely delivers with the name of each individual on your contact list, ensuring that each person receives a personalized version of the exact text.

Use standard email format

Suppose the email template width you use is greater than 650 pixels. In that case, your email will not display appropriately, and viewers must navigate horizontally to read the entire message. This will keep annoying your audience, and it will probably affect your conversion.

If you’re able to make your template conform to the standard format, it will be much simpler to read, you will have more successful conversions, and your users will have an overall more positive experience.

Split testing your call to action and subject lines

Suppose you are having trouble increasing the number of people that open and click through links in your emails. There are a few potential causes in that case: You are not sending the email to the appropriate recipients, or the text has to be revised. You should concentrate on the latter and carry out an A/B test.

If you carry out A/B testing, you will most likely improve the status of your digital marketing materials to a great extent. This test will divide the receivers of your email into two groups: Group A will be sent the standard newsletter, while Group B will get a modified version of the standard newsletter, including a specific change.

Use your logo

When it comes to emails, a logo is an absolute requirement. According to research conducted in 2020 by Red Sift and Entrust, logos have a beneficial impact on email engagement and brand recognition. Your brand recognition can increase by 18%, while the conversion rate increases by 34% through the use of brand logo in emails.

Put your offer in the subject line

If you put an enticement in the subject line of your email, you can dramatically improve the number of people who open the email. However, don’t bombard your readers with emails about deals or products. Casual industry insight is the first step in building customer loyalty; after you have nurtured the relationship, you should start introducing offers.

Use interesting subject lines

An excellent subject line should have between 30 and 50 characters, including the spaces between those characters. You should do this because most email providers will chop off subject lines that are longer than this character count.

In addition to instilling a sense of imminence in your readers, the subject line of your email should provide some insight into the content they anticipate finding once they open the message.

Apply auto-responders

Create an auto-reply that notifies individuals that they opted into your email list. Once a person joins, the auto-responder should be sent a day, five days, and ten days afterward. When sending the auto-responder email, it should contain a bonus offered to anyone who signs up for your newsletter.

Connect emails with a landing page

Your landing page’s subject, language, and content must be consistent with the email. Consistency is one of the most important factors in gaining a customer’s trust, so make sure that the design and touch of your landing page are the same as the email.

Simply ensure that you are utilizing tracking tools to determine which emails and landing pages generated the greatest response to continuing sending out what is performing.

Test your email performance

It would be helpful if you could also forward a copy of the email to a colleague or a close friend. Is it easy for them to understand what you want them to do next? If so, you’re fine. If not, carry on working.


There are a variety of innovative marketing tactics that are gaining popularity these days. However, email marketing’s effectiveness on your clients has endured time. This time-honored, trustworthy, and dependable method will help you maximize the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

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