Elementor Affiliate Program for High Commissions

July 1, 2021
Elementor Affiliate Program for High Commissions

Just like our article on the Google app (G-suite) commission rates, we are going to talk about another great affiliate program from the Elementor Plugin, which helps you can create WordPress sites with a special building tool. 

The Elementor plugin is a very popular WordPress plugin with more than 2 million downloads online. by offering this plugin to people you can earn commission rates. 


Where can we sign up for the Elementor affiliate program?

Any WordPress-based sites are eligible to join the affiliate program. you can join by signing up on their page and filling in the required details. Once you’ve finished the joining process the Elementor platform will evaluate your site and based on your account they will send you the affiliate links and promo codes. 

The evaluation process is based on your site’s progress and how your account can promote the Elementor plugin.

The payment process and rules.

There are some rules we need to keep in mind when we promote the Elementor plugin. the rules are as followed:

| Not to use the affiliate link on the coupon and deal sites.
| Do not falsely advertise Elementor.  
| Do not change the logos or banners.
| Not to use the affiliate link for your purchases.


The commission percentage is up to 50% for every sale, the amount of sales you can make is unlimited, so you can make as much as you manage to sell. 

You will receive the payment only if you manage to earn 200$ a month in sales, you will get paid using your PayPal account.

Keep in mind that the approval process is not easy and may take some time, plus the payout element may be a little high. 

But not to worry since the Elementor plugin is very popular, you can easily receive commissions. as long as you take the affiliate program seriously and obey its rules, you can make a decent amount of money using this method.

Elementor Cookie 

The Elementor affiliate program grants you a 30-day cookie link. this is a special tracking link that tracks the users visiting pattern. it saves the cookie in the web browser of the user. 

What this means is that if the client to that you offered the affiliate link makes the purchase within 30 days, you will receive the commission payment for the sale.

How to promote the affiliate link?

You can promote the Elementor plugin using some marketing techniques, plus promo links and banners which they will send you to your email. 

| Using social media.
| Email campaigns.
| Video tutorials on YouTube ( leaving affiliate links in the description).
| Placing the Logo and Banners on your site.

Keep in mind to not breach the affiliate program rules and restrictions to successfully get the commission payment, and not get your affiliate contract terminated (they can terminate your contract at any moment).

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