How Do You Put A Link In The Description On YouTube Channel?

October 3, 2022
How Do You Put A Link In The Description On YouTube Channel?

It can be pretty challenging to put links in the description, especially when you don’t know which type of URL works on YouTube. It is essential to know that YouTube does not permit HTML tags in descriptions, you can only include a URL to another website, and the app will automatically convert that URL into a clickable link.

Another thing that can cause some trouble is the process of linking the description through your smartphone or PC. But don’t worry, we have got you covered. Our tutorial will walk you through each stage of the procedure, both on mobile and desktop.


5 Simple Steps to Include a Link in the Mobile App’s Description of Your YouTube Video

Here is how to add link in YouTube description:


  1. Start the YouTube app.
  2. Navigate toward your video without opening it. Use the YouTube search engine, click on a link you sent to yourself, or simply press “Library” at the bottom of the screen and choose “My Videos” on the subsequent page.
  3. You will come across three dots to the right of your video’s title and thumbnail. Click on them.
  4. It will give a drop-down menu with the option of “Edit”. Click on it to update your YouTube description, title, and other information. In the description section, paste the copied URL.
  5. To make it public for audience viewing, click “Save” in the top-right corner.


5 Simple Steps to Include a Link in the Desktop Browser’s Description of Your YouTube Video

  1. Open YouTube and upload your video.
  2. Next, click the icon for your profile in the top-right corner of the page. It will launch a menu, search for YouTube Studio, and select it.
  3. You will be taken to a new page with a list of your uploaded videos and further options after clicking it. Click “Videos” on the sidebar to the left.
  4. To access the specifics of the video you wish to edit, click its title. You should edit the video’s title and description on this page.
  5. Paste the complete URL you wish to link to into the YouTube video description box after copying it. Don’t forget to click “Save” at the end.

Why Would You Need To Put A Link In The YouTube Description Box?

A YouTube video’s description is something every viewer turns to before, during, or after watching the video. Many YouTubers use his description area to persuade potential viewers to watch other clips and for other purposes such as,

  • Give credit to the team who worked with them to create the video.
  • Give their audience a link to downloadable features or simply extra content.
  • Promote a website for the purpose of affiliate marketing.


Moreover, anyone can add as many links as they want to the channel since YouTube has no restrictions on the number of links that can be added. You can experiment with social media accounts, affiliate links, or your own video links to improve your traffic.


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