How To Create Assets For Decentraland

October 3, 2022
How to Create Assets for Decentraland

Decentraland users who have used the 3D virtual platform concur that mastering the creation of Decentraland assets is a key component of the platform. This is because doing so allows users to customize the platform in a way that makes the virtual world more distinct by integrating the individuality of each user in existence.

This article will describe how to create assets on Decentraland, particularly for new users and old users who are unfamiliar with the platform.


Decenterland 101

An online virtual realm called Decentraland is run by its people and based on the Ethereum blockchain. It is also administered by the DAO and has three native tokens: MANA, an ERC-20 token that acts as Decentraland’s money, and Land, an ERC-721 token that symbolizes combined parcels of digital land. The property represents the real estate.

Like with the majority of virtual worlds, Decentraland’s metaverse is viewed by users through an avatar, who can roam the constantly expanding map of online locations.

Digital tokens are required to participate in certain activities, such as purchasing digital art from the Crypto Valley Art Gallery, bartering with other Metaverse regulars in Bartertown, and attending Decentraland University.

In contrast to the gold coins in Mario or World of Warcraft, the tokens of Decentraland are designed to make them valuable and transferable as assets in the real world. Decentraland’s market, technology, and ethos are all connected through Ethereum, making the virtual world both an endeavor in a digital, decentralized paradise and an amusing game.


What are Custom Pack Assets on Decenterland?

Lately, Decentraland added the Custom Asset Pack functionality to the Builder because it greatly simplifies the creation and management of 3D assets while also expanding the diversity of Decentraland.

Users may easily build assets in Blender, one of their preferred 3D art programs, and save them into a folder. Open the Builder after that, and make a new Asset Pack for them to import their assets into.

Owners would then want to examine the assets to make sure they comply with DCL’s scene limitations and establish each asset’s name, icon, category, and tags so they can be quickly found in the sidebar.

Visitors can upload any 3D model in GLB or GLTF format, even as a packaged ZIP file if they like while generating Asset Packs.

They may also comfortably say that all of their freshly produced Asset Packs will be preserved on their Decentraland Cloud account, making them accessible from whatever device they use without running the danger of losing them.

In addition to the Custom Asset Packs feature, Decentraland is also bringing the Scaling of models, giving users the ability to control the scale of the models they use for even more imaginative settings for the very first time in the Builder.


How to Create Assets for Decenterland

It’s simple for both seasoned users and newcomers to create assets for Decentraland. They need only take the actions listed below:


Bring in Custom Items

3D models created by users can be imported into the Builder. This enables people to select models from a variety of available, free online sources or to make their models.


Upload a Model

Every custom item is kept in user-made asset packs. Each asset pack contains a single asset or several. Users can create a new asset bundle by the following steps:

  • Click “New Asset Pack” at the bottom of the item inventory or the plus symbol at the top of the genres list when the editor is running for any scene.
  • Drag one or more 3D model files at a time into the window.
  • To import assets, click on import assets.
  • Give each asset a title and, if possible, some tags to help you identify it.
  • Click “Create Asset Pack” and give the asset pack a name.
  • Their new asset pack will now appear in a new folder in the items catalog, and they can utilize it in any scene just like the standard items.


Whenever a custom asset pack is created, it is available to users as long as they log in with the same account.


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