Live Stream Marketing and its Benefits for Small Business

November 20, 2019
Live Streaming Marketing

Live Stream marketing has become one of the most common marketing methods to help marketers raise awareness of the brand and engage with target audiences. Video content is increasingly common and so it makes sense that prospects and consumers will be part of our marketing outreach.

According to research, including videos in emails may increase click-through rates by 300 percent, while adding video content to your website may increase traffic by 41 percent.

Whether you’re a B2B salesman or a consumer brand, your customers will love videos. Besides, filming and sharing social media videos won’t drain your budget.

If you’re searching for successful marketing strategies and even smaller budgets for your small company, social media and videos are a must. You don’t need highly created videos, in addition. Start broadcasting live on social media just to get your customers interested in an authentic viewpoint.

Why do you need your small business to stream live and what are its benefits?

Easy to do and cost effective

Firstly, live streaming is easy to do and cost effective. All you need is a smartphone with good internet connectivity and video. Many brands and influencers communicate with their followers through Facebook Live. We suggest you go live on Twitter and Instagram too, though. And LinkedIn lets you stream videos for your network. And don’t skip Twitch.

Easy to connect with audience

People love live streaming so it’ll be easy for you to connect with your audience in this segment. In fact, 80 percent of people would prefer to watch a live stream, rather than reading a blog post. You can use your live videos to address consumer and prospect questions or broadcast tutorials for your company.

Live streaming is entertaining

Live streaming is incredibly entertaining for small businesses with limitless choices. Identify those areas on which you are an expert and which concern your ideal client. Organize webinars, or in real time show new items.

Ways to use Live Streaming for your small business

Write a script which is rough

Your live broadcast will not of course be fully scripted. Live videos are genuine and spontaneous and that’s what makes them so appealing. A rough outline, however, will help you make sure your stream makes sense, and you cover all of your bases. Jot down a few bullet points and keep them on streaming before you.

Express your thoughts

Emotions are much more likely to attract people than dry material. Video is a perfect medium to express feelings and involve the audience in a personal way. Promote the goods but don’t ignore the ads. Your main goal must be to encourage your audience to have a good time with your brand. Consumers can create strong positive connections with your company in this way.

Demonstrate the importance of companies

Using live streaming to draw the viewers into a discussion and show them why you’re the best. Share essential Product details. Let them know what emerging tools you are using, and bring out your friends and fans. Images from behind the scenes are also a fantastic way to let your viewers know your team and see how your goods are made.

Responding to feedback

Live streams are inherently conversational so be sure to communicate directly with your viewers. When you see users asking great questions, mention them. If anyone says your product is fine, then say thank you. Encourage your viewers to leave their feedback, and post your social media images. Ask them what they want to know about your next path, or who they want to meet.

Let’s now look at some of the most popular live streaming platforms available to small businesses.

Facebook Live:

Facebook enables free sharing of live content with its users through business. Users will watch your broadcast on smartphones or computers. Facebook Live also helps brands to select their audience, provide real-time feedback and measure the effectiveness of their engagement sessions.

Instagram Live Video:

Instagram has now become a very significant corporate social media site. The live broadcast feature shows real-time viewers numbers and all feedback. If your account is public everybody would be able to watch your videos.

YouTube Live:

The uploading of your videos on YouTube is a must when it comes to video material. YouTube’s live videos provide the same advantages as those on other sites. Due to advertising, YouTube also helps companies to monetize their content.

Periscope Producer:

This tool is designed to help you quickly create and share high quality videos on Periscope and Twitter. If you want to use advanced cameras and streaming apps this device is a perfect option.

Vimeo Live:

This is another advanced live streaming service that allows full high-definition videos to be broadcast. And commercials do not annoy your viewers when viewing live streams of your small company. This service’s only downside is that it’s not safe, and pricing starts at US$ 75 a month.

Time to schedule your Go-Live Date!

People love video, and this medium has proved one of the most successful live stream marketing content styles. The live videos carry the viewers to the next stage of interaction. You will provide real-time contact with them. Ask their questions, show them your workplace, broadcast tutorials and exchange positive vibes with everybody watching your live videos.

The videos are incredibly entertaining and easy to produce. They will make your brand more available and help you expand your audience. Live streaming gives your small business tremendous benefits, so don’t hesitate to go live!

Berta Melder is a Masterra branding expert and digital marketing consultant. She also oversees the internal training activities of the organization. Sign in to her on Instagram.

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